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A smiling female physical therapist evaluating the range of motion of a young female patient's hip as the patient lies on a treatment table.  Scene is inside a typical physical therapy clinic with several pieces of exercise equipment in the background. Physical therapist is in her early 30's and the patient is in her early 20's.


Dynamic Core Stabilization: the ability tostabilize the lower back and pelvis regionduring complex movements through thecorrect recruitment of the deep muscles ofthe abdomen, lower back and pelvic floor.Custom Splinting: some injuries requireimmobilization and when that occurs havinga splint that actually is made for you is by farsuperior to something you purchase that ismass produced.Heartmath: Evidence-based…

Man receiving ultrasound treatment on his back and shoulder


Spinal Decompression – Accu-SPINA:Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD)Therapy is a precise, computer-controlled,advanced form of spinal decompressiontherapy used to open the disc spacebetween targeted vertebrae to alleviate thepain caused by disc compression anddegeneration. Compressed discs (alsoknown as bulging, slipped, ruptured,prolapsed, or herniated discs) are the rootcause of many issues that affect our bodies –not just the neck…



Whelton Myofascial Referral Technique: is aneffective and simple treatment that instantlyrelieves pain, dramatically increases therange of motion, decreases muscle spasms,and accelerates healing.Total Motion Release: is an innovative,patient-centered approach to healing andrelieving pain. It can help in treating avariety of musculoskeletal dysfunctionsincluding weakness, pain, loss of motion injoints, and stiffness from the neck to the feet.Epley…

Kinesio Taping Physical Therapy


Kinesiotape/Rock Tape: it is used to aidmuscle movement. It’s a thin, flexible tapethat is meant to relieve pain, reduce swellingand inflammation, and provide support tojoints and muscles. K-tape was originallydeveloped to enhance athleticperformance.Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization: is atreatment, exercise and rehabilitationmethod that reprograms the brain to restoreposture, stability and movement throughoutthe body. The DNS approach is…

Physiotherapist giving physical therapy to senior man in clinic

Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation: is a method in which askilled practitioner listens to the bodywith their hands to improve the internalcommunication thus relieving imbalanceand painManual Thermal Technique: utilizes sensitivityto temperature changes to identify and treatdysfunction within the body.Visceral Emotion Technique: A manualosteopathic technique to releasemusculoskeletal restrictions that can helprelease trapped emotions.Neural Reset Therapy: This technique allowsthe therapist…



Primal Reflex Release Technique: PRRT is amethod in which the reflexes are utilized totreat the body by downregulating an overresponse by the muscles, like with a musclespasm, or balance the musculoskeletalsystem.Muscle Energy Technique: Muscle energytechnique (MET) is a type of osteopathictechnique designed to improvemusculoskeletal function through mobilizingjoints and stretching tight muscles and fascia,to reduce pain,…



ASTYM: a method of soft tissue managementwhere utilizing specific tools can help breakup scar tissue and muscle damage topromote healing.Active Release Technique: is a patented softtissue technique that can treat muscles,tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves.